Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Velvet...if you please.

My daughter's birthday was July 19Th. She turned eight. EIGHT! its unreal. I guess that explains a little about why i want to have another one. Its been EIGHT YEARS! Anyways...that is irrelevant. This blog is about food! And the food we are so graciously talking about today is RED VELVET CAKE!!!!

Red Velvet Cake is my absolute fave cake in the whole world. I was so excited when that was the flavor my daughter wanted for her birthday cake. I decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake, because I SUCK at decorating cakes!

I have always used the recipe that i got from my mother, and it has always worked...but i never tried making cupcakes with it. If that makes any type of difference, its news to me. I used the recipe like always. They were nasty. Maybe I put to much salt...maybe my flour was old...I dunno. But I hated them. Not to mention the fact that I didn't have enough red food coloring, so they were not really red...more orange.


So if at first you don't succeed, keep sucking til you do suck seed...or something like that.

So I tried to make a second batch. I started out the same way, but instead of using oil like my moms recipe (and so many others) I substituted with butter at room temp. And of course with me not having any more red food coloring...I decided to go with blue. After all, that is my daughters fave color. And it is her birthday party. DUH! Why didn't I think of that before?

Pressing Onward!!!! So I make up the second batch. sans oil and adding the BLUE food coloring. Little did I know...or at least remember the dang color wheel. The initial batter is yellow. Yellow and blue do NOT make blue.

FAIL number 2.

So my daughter ended up with half edible orange red velvet cupcakes and green velvet cupcakes that were a little more tasty. Thank GOD I had an awesome icing recipe to top them with. Or it would have been a complete disaster.

So the next three days to follow...I was determined to figure out what I was doing wrong. I went back to the basics and started thinking about everything it takes to make a successful cake or batch of cupcakes. I put a little less flour and a little more cocoa powder. I again used butter instead of oil. I also added some boiling water that I dissolved some sugar into. It helped with the sweetness of the cake plus made it lighter "fluffier" and less dense.


But yet again...I did not have red food coloring. And I was out of blue...which didn't work either. So I decided to go with the green But apparently put to much and my cake turned out BLACK! which was fine with me. I started to sing... "Black velvet and that little boy's smile...Black velvet with that slow southern...(yeah you get the point) in the middle of my kitchen. It was Grammy worthy...or whatever awards singers get. I don't care.

Anyways. I had a successful cake. And it was pretty to boot.


So i must say...and i have NEVER said this before...but i do believe that my cake recipe is BETTER than my mothers! (gasp!)

Now the only problem is that we will be eating red, green, and black velvet cake for the next week. Or is that really such a bad thing? We shall see.

Til next time...
So this is one instance

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