Saturday, June 26, 2010

for your (dis)pleasure

Guys, i know i said i was going to take on an eating challenge this weekend, but alas, i will not be able to. Unfortunately, I have been suffering from a SEVERE migraine the past few days. It has been gradually getting worse. I ended up going to the emergency room last night. The pain had gone from my head, to my back and shoulders. I started getting chest pains and then had my hands and feet start going numb a few times yesterday. I have been laid up in the bed all day today on pain meds so i could just sleep and not have to deal with the pain.

I just wanted to apologize for not being able to do what i had hoped to do this weekend. I might take a few more days off from blogging also. I hopefully can get in to see my doctor on Monday, and get started on finding out what is really going on with my head!

Since I do not have any "food material" to write about today, I thought I might tell you a little about my ER visit.

My husband, Jared, took me in. He had to call in to work, (bless him) so that he could take me. My daughter, Alyssa, also came with us. Once she heard about all of the different kinds of pain that i was having, she asked me "mom, are you going to die?" I smiled and gave a little chuckle for the fist time all day. "no, baby. Mommy isn't going to die." She gave me a big hug. (which did not help my headache, but hey...whats a momma to do?) We sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. Which would have been tolerable had it not been for this family of what seemed like 20 people because of how loud and obnoxious they were. (there was actually 7 of them if i can remember correctly) They came in and sat right behind me. The girl was in there because of stomach pains. But by the way she was cutting up and laughing, i think not. After about twenty minutes of hearing them talk about four-wheelers and wheel chairs, and every other backwoods thing they could think about, i got up to move to a different seat. They had NO respect for the people in there (like me) who were actually feeling bad. And i have no idea why she had to bring her whole family with her. Idiots.

They started to complain that they had been there for thirty minutes and that this was called "the EMERGENCY room" why did they have to wait so long. While i do agree with that part a little, i didn't wanna hear them talk anymore. Luckily for me, they asked for a phone book and called the Hospital in Camden. (which is about 30 minutes away) They decided to leave and take their chances. As they were leaving I stood up and started clapping. The other people who had to witness these morons new what i meant and thoroughly enjoyed my humor. Standing and clapping like i did sent sharp pains through my head and down my back, but it was so worth it to see the looks on their faces.

And to shorten this story a little, i am going to sum up the three MORE hours that i was in my room after finally being admitted. I got a Doctor who talked so slow and unsure of himself that he seemed to be on drugs. He walked from room to room like he had no clue where he was at or what he was doing. I was told i was getting a shot for the pain and that it should kick in, in about 15 minutes. They came back to check on me, and of course, nothing. So they waited another hour when i finally sent Jared to find someone and ask what we were waiting for. They came back in to give me ANOTHER shot. I refused it and told them i was going home. Becuase it was ridiculous for me to given all these pain killers. I didn't come here to just be treated for my pain...i would like to know why i was having the pain. So i finally left the ER around 3:30 AM.

I was reminded why I NEVER go there. Anyways, that is why i am not exactly able to do my food challenges for your viewing pleasure. I should be back and making a fool of myself within the next week. Thanks for understanding! and until next time....

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