Thursday, June 24, 2010

nutella, or no nutella?

oh my, I think i just found my calling. It is now to eat Nutella...for every meal! I jest, that would be redonkulous. But is SO good. It is a hazelnut sweet spread. It tastes like the ferrero rocher chocolates. put it on toast, and you will die happy. If you are on your death bed...or maybe death row, and you only have one meal left. CHOOSE NUTELLA!

This is not a suggestion people. You will eat it and you will love it. You can check it out here:

A wonderful friend of mine, Patrick, gave me a suggestion to try it with bananas on the sandwich. Talk about a mouth-gasm. Holy hell. The stuff is so good the angels in heaven crave it when they are menstruating. I bet Satan now regrets being a complete retard and getting kicked out. I'm just saying.

On a side note...I don't know how Adam from "man vs. food" isn't the fattest guy on earth. The show is on in the background and I just saw him attempting to eat a 6 lb burrito.

Here are a few things to look forward to on my blog. I plan on attempting some "food challenges" in the future. They will be well documented with video. I think my first, though it sounds simple, will be the Saltine challenge. You can read about it here:

wish me luck, because it is happening right here in my home this weekend. Until next time...

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