Tuesday, June 22, 2010

gotta get to know me first!

I am very new to this and hope you will give me the chance to inform and entertain you. I will be posting (at first anyways) once a week. Sharing my experiences, mishaps, embarrassments, and achievements in the kitchen. Now a little about me...

I was born in FL, where my dad was stationed while in the Navy. I grew up in Southern Arkansas/ Northern Louisiana. I have a big family, and most of my memories involve the intoxicating aromas coming from the kitchens of my grandmothers, and of course my own mom. I remember the clanking of the pots and pans as they searched though the cabinet for their favorite skillet or stock pot, always "shooing" us out of the way and yelling "I will let you know when the food is ready!" And come to think about it, that is probably where i get it from ;)

I know the exact moment it happened. I was in my room, scanning the channels of our local tv stations, when i came upon an episode of Emeril Live. Watching him work his magic with all the "BAM" and "oh yeah babe". By the end of that show, I knew what i wanted to do. Whether it would ever be professionally done or not, I knew i wanted to cook.

When i started to venture out and cook on my own, i fell in love again and again. I loved all the different flavors i found and came up with and tried out. (well not ALL of them...some sent me running to the nearest toilet or trash can) Have you ever seen the movie Ratatouille? Just think about the scene when Remy, (the main rat) is trying to teach his brother how to "taste" his food. The two flavors dancing around in his mouth and forming a totally different sound of music! That is me. I want to show the world...or for now just my friends and family, how yummy different textures and flavors, and spices can be.

I just recently, was privileged enough to have seen Paula Dean live in Little Rock, Arkansas. She amazed me. I do not know whether or not i will ever make it big and have my own tv show, or even have my name known by so many people. But i do know this: I love to cook. I want to show you how easy and entertaining it can be. I want to bring you into my kitchen, and introduce you to my friends and family. Let you in on our jokes and show you how crazy we can get. When we get together, it is awe-inspiring. We literally Laugh Now, and Eat Later.

Well...we actually laugh now, but eat all the time!

I hope to bring you in and show you...me. I want to share my recipes and my life with you. If you will have me in yours.

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  1. Food blogs are one of my new favorite things! My blog is mostly pictures and stuff but it's pictures from China so I feel that ups the cool factor. Good luck blogging :)